Summer Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

June 15-17, 2018 - In Planning

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The Summer Spiel is full at this point, due in large part to curling interest as a result of the Winter Olympics. We do have a wait list if you would like to sign up and hope for the best, but do not pay now, wait to see if we can get you in first.

The theme is the World Cup. Every team will be assigned a country, based on sign-up order. We are still working on the details but there will be some tasty foods of the world, healthy competition both on an off ice, and perhaps an appearance from a Seattle Sounder.

This event has a team entry fee of $280. Sign-up for this event

Teams - 32

Team Name From Members
Brazil CVCC Chris Tolton, Val Schultz, Duane Hemingway, Katlyn Tolton
France Granite Lori Markham
Spain Victoria CC Miles Craig, Carley Sandwith, Tom Sandwith, Heather Sandwith
Argentina Peace Arch Ed Blumke
Belgium Bucks County Kevin Stayer, Nancy Gerritsen VanDerHoop, Roland Gerritsen VanDerHoop, Jane Stayer
Bhutan Granite/Superior Duane the “Ancient One” Rutan, Mac the Guy, Joseph Bonfoey, Steven Birklid
Portugal Granite Ethan Bradford, Lola Bradford, Mike Tadych, Bowen Zheng
Columbia Duluth Curling Club Geoffrey Ujdur, Jordan Wiklund, Brian Norberg, Eric Birmingham
Uruguay Plainfield Ryan Sharp, Greg Fidler, Jen Weir, Jasi Kaur
Russia GCC Jessica Schultz, Emily Knopf, Warren Connacher, Elizabeth Mattox, Robi Singh
Croatia Royal City Curling Club Anne Shibuya, Luciana Barella, Isis Oliveira, Alessandra B
Poland East St Paul CC, Manitoba, Royal City CC New Westminster, Fairbanks Alaska Dan Burch, Carol Honeyman, Jeannette Smith, Martha Hanlon
Egypt   Emily Good
Switzerland Columbus Curling Club Michael Pintar, Calvin Chandler, Arissa Belk, Leeanne Chandler
Sweden SFBACC Matt Blandford, Darren Moulding, Sean Franey, Dave Sciacero
Serbia GCC Junior Boys Andrew Bell, Frank Snow, Connor Kauffman, Arjun Thomas
Mexico Granite Todd Schultz, Ken Mabbat, Tim Renner
Senegal BCC/GCC Mary Melton, Kara McBroom, Jeanne Larson, Jennie Dodson
Nigeria Granite Nikki Lorvick, Arianna Rauliuk, Eric Whilden, Aaron Thompson
Denmark Lego Land Max Sando, Mike Taylor, Heather Manahan, TBD
Peru Royal City CC Chris Summers, Peter Wenzek, Dave Romani, Nigel McInnis
Japan Chilliwack Stephen Strathdee, Glen Ford, Sheila Ford, Edie Chaplin
Iceland Granite Curling Club Phil Shryock
Australia Granite Max Schaefer, Katie Manteca, Marc Eiler, Jen Nguyen
Morocco   Miranda Heaslip, Charles Smith, Mitchell Hymowitz, Barry VanWieringen
Costa Rica GCC Brian T. Stark, Kevin Hurly, Chad Johnson, Jeff Pearson
Iran Granite Jeffrey Peplinski
Tunisia GCC Abby Lin, Amelia Tan, Allison Tan, Mari Torii-Karch
South Korea Granite Curling Club Ryan Zack, Jonathan Updegrove, Alan Barkley, Geoff McAlpin
Saudi Arabia Granite Will Dimmit, Kate Fox
Panama GCC Alex Zimmerman, Andrew Carpenter