Welcome to the Granite Curling Club

Founded in 1961, the Granite Curling Club (GCC) of Seattle is home to curlers of all abilities, including more national champions than any other club in the USA.

The "regular season" is October through March each year, and the "spring season" with reduced activities is April through June; there is no curling in July and August. During the regular and spring seasons, there are many Leagues, Bonspiels (competitions), and Open Houses. You're welcome to come out and participate, compete, or just watch the action.

New Member Guide

How to use this guide

This guide was created to help our new curlers get started with curling. Curling can feel a bit intimidating at first, but you’ll find that curlers are a very social and welcoming lot and are eager to answer your questions and explain things. Hopefully, we have addressed many of your questions and concerns here as well.

This guide is meant to help you prepare for your first few games and to get comfortable with the club and its members.

2016-2017 Thursday Men


A friendly, semi-competitive league that's great for curlers who have a year or more of experience. The league divides into flights midway through the season based on win/loss records, so teams should have great, competitive games throughout the season.